recommendations are based on thorough analysis of medical history, examination, and full mouth radiography.  Included in the examination are a consultation with an intraoral video camera and oral cancer screening. In some cases, Diagnostic impressions are required to analyze complex restorative needs.

Our specialties include the following:
•Fixed Bridges
•Occlusal Treatment- Bite Guard and Equilibration
TMD-TMJ Therapy
•Porcelain Veneers
•Sapphire Bleaching
•Aesthetic Replacement of Fillings
•Provisional Restoration- Temporaries
•Non-Surgical Periotherapy- Scaling and Root Planing
•Minor Periodontal Surgery for Crown and Bridge Placements-Lengthening of the Crown and Bridge
•Bleaching- In-Office and Take Home Bleaching Trays

We also use these devices to help us diagnose your dental health: Digital Radiography, Digital Panorex, Diagnodent(laser detection of decay), Intraoral Video Camera, and Vizilite(oral cancer screening). We are a fee-for-service dental practice, and our goal is to restore and maintain complete dental health. Although our office does not participate with an insurance provider, we will be glad to assist in processing your claims in a timely manner. You will need to bring proper identification, your insurance card, insurance forms and insurance benefits booklet in order to receive prompt reimbursement to your account. We will soon be submitting all claim electronically.


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